Family Fest 2013 - Tickets on Sale January 10

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Mark your calendar for Family Fest 2013, May 24, 25 & 26, at the Convention Center in beautiful Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Tickets go on sale January 10 at 10:00 a.m. Local Time for this musical three-day get-away.

Spring is a beautiful time of year to visit the Smoky Mountains and to spend the weekend refueling your spirit with encouraging music by the Gaither Vocal Band and a whole host of your favorite Homecoming artists.

Be ready on Tuesday, January 10 at 10:00 a.m. EST when you can begin ordering Family Fest 2013 tickets!

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    I checked and they have also changed the notice on Family Fest. The tickets go on sale at 10 am Eastern Time on Tuesday, January 10. Marilyn

    6 years 15 weeks ago
  2. Heather from England's picture
    Heather from England:

    Not sure if they've changed it, but it only says Tuesday now

    6 years 15 weeks ago
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    I agree with the last comment.....January 10 is a Tuesday.....comment above says, "Monday January 10 at 10 am EST....." so what is it really....MONDAY JANUARY 9 or TUESDAY JANUARY 10 ???????

    6 years 15 weeks ago
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    The date mentioned above says Monday, January 10, but the 10th is on a Tuesday. What day do tickets go on sale? Monday or Tuesday.

    6 years 15 weeks ago
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    Is January 10th the day tickets go on sale for everybody or just Gaither members?

    6 years 16 weeks ago
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    Dee Ann: Yes, Family Fest 2012 is May 25, 26 and 27 in Gatlinburg. Marilyn

    6 years 16 weeks ago
  7. Dee Ann's picture
    Dee Ann:

    Is there a concert in Gatlinburgh in 2012? One mentions 2012 and then tickets are on sale for 2013? I'm confused. lol

    6 years 16 weeks ago