Ken Davis’s “Fully Alive” Goes to the Silver Screen

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Ken Davis is a long-time friend of the Homecoming family and is loved by our Family Fest, Gaither Fest and cruise audiences for his humorous and poignant delivery as our special speaker on many occasions.  Most recently, Ken spoke at our Caribbean Cruise and has shared some wonderful truths about living “fully alive” -- not just surviving, but really living out our days!  
He has written a book entitled “Fully Alive” which will release soon and we have just learned that he also has a movie entitled “Fully Alive” that is going to the silver screen in just a few days!  Ken’s first-ever feature film will be shown in 160 theaters nationwide for two shows only, March 22 and 25.  The movie tells the story of Ken’s journey from just existing to living “Fully Alive!”
The film’s distributor is watching closely to see if a movie like this will succeed in the general theater market.  Let’s show the distributor how much we love value-based movies!
We encourage you to support “Fully Alive” by bringing your kids, family, friends, neighbors, and anyone else you can bring!  For a list of participating theaters, please visit