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Everyone at Gaither Music extends our love and prayers to David Phelps and his family as they mourn the loss of David’s sister, Sherri Proctor. Sherri has courageously battled cancer for the past several years.  On July 17, she attended the taping of David Phelps: Classic and sang, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” with David.  Her resolve to keep going was phenomenal and the staff and artists at the taping were privileged to see a glimpse of the grace with which Sherri has faced her long and difficult journey with cancer. 

Now, just over two months later, her suffering is over and Sherri is finally home.  Please keep her husband, Mark, and their three children in your prayers, as well as her parents, siblings and extended family who will miss her so very much. 

Sherri will always be remembered as a vibrant, supremely talented powerhouse of a lady who inspired her family, friends, and countless others through her life and her music.


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    Beautiful pictures ... praying for God's love and comfort for all Sherri's family and friends.

    5 years 38 weeks ago
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    Our prayers are for the family and friends to know the peace and comfort of our Lord during this difficult time. How wonderful that she was able to share in this glorious event with David and the family. Now she is singing in the presence of "The Holy One".

    5 years 38 weeks ago
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    Elsa Kaunio:

    Heartfelt sympathy, forces the family. Heaven, the Father's blessing.

    5 years 38 weeks ago
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    My prayers and thoughts are with you, David, and all of your family over this terrible loss. Heaven has gained and given you reason to look forward. I met you at the National Quartet Convention and will always remember how gracious and kind you were to me and my cousins. I learned the next day about how ill your sister was. I marveled at how you were able to carry on so bravely. God is a God of great strength and He does share with us so graciously. I pray you and your family will be comforted by the many fans who love you and are sending up prayers for all of you. God Bless You ALL!!!

    5 years 38 weeks ago
  5. wanda&brian's picture

    Praying for all of them. On the DVD's that I have of David, he seemed so very close to his sister, well, I should say the entire family seems very close. Please let us know if there's anything as fans that we can do. If anyone has an address to send cards to her family, that would also be appreciated.

    5 years 38 weeks ago
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    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Phelps and Proctor families at this time. We are grateful for her time with us and rejoice that she is now with her Lord. She was an inspiration to so many people.

    5 years 38 weeks ago
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    One person does make a difference...all whose hearts Sherri touched can know that for certain. And David, you amplified that love embodied in the family a hundred million times outward to countless people who have grown to love Sherri even if they've never met her in person. That is a wonderful gift you have given to your sister - being linked into world-wide love - and to us, for having the pleasure to get to know her through you. Thank you so much for that! <3 MisMarie

    5 years 38 weeks ago
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    So sorry and sad for her family. One could feel the love whenever she and David performed. So determined, she was, to have done the Classic taping and the BB and who knows what else. God grant the Phelps & Proctor family strength at this most difficult time. Many prayers are sent their way.

    5 years 38 weeks ago
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    Beautiful photos of David & Sherri! Prayers of comfort for family and friends.

    5 years 38 weeks ago