Family Fest 2013 - 3 Day Event

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Regular Ticket Information
Ticket Start Date: 
January 10, 2012
May 24, 2013
Venue Information

May 24-25-26, 2013 

23rd Annual Family Fest in the Smokies   (3 Day Event)


Schedule of Events

Friday, May 24, 2013   

  • 7:00PM   Opening Concert

Saturday, May 25, 2013  

  • 10:00AM  Special Session
  • 6:00PM   Evening Concert

Sunday, May 26, 2013

  • 10:00AM Special Session
  • 6:00PM  Closing Concert



  • $125.00 per 3-day tickets (adults)*
  • $35.00 per 3-day tickets (12 & under)*
    • Please call 800-406-4224 for assistance with children's tickets                          

* plus additional $5.50 per ticket processing fee (U.S. Funds only)


Order online at or call 800-406-4224



Gaither Vocal Band

  • Wes Hampton
  • David Phelps
  • Bill Gaither
  • Michael English
  • Mark Lowry

Booth Brothers
Jason Crabb (Saturday & Sunday)
Gene McDonald
Charlotte Ritchie
Kevin Williams
Russ Taff

Buddy Greene (Saturday & Sunday)
Karen Peck & New River (Sunday)
Hoppers (Sunday)
Collingsworth Family (Saturday)
Easters (Saturday & Sunday)

Voices Of Lee (Sunday)


Ken Davis (Saturday)

Nicole Johnson (Sunday)

Attending the Event

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Meet & Greet Photos

  1.'s picture

    I know this is late however, my wife has B/C stage IV and she is now in the hospital. In short have two tickets to this weekends show.......Section 211 Row-K seats 3 & 4 call me at 4072736217 obviously ASAP!!

    5 years 4 weeks ago
  2.'s picture

    I have three tickets Section 205 Row B (second row from stage) for 2013 Family Fest. The cost is $130.50 each which is what I paid for them - total $391.50. Please let me know if you are interested.

    5 years 5 weeks ago
  3. leahmariewiegand's picture

    Hi Bill and Gloria, and fellow Homecoming Friends,

    I have been a dedicated, huge Gaither fan for almost 10 years now, and i'm planning on having lots of fan, and making lots of new memories when my parents and i come to this Family Fest!! It is our first one, and our second Gaither Event, including Glendale Homecoming, January 28, 2011, and all three of us are looking forward to hopeufully enjoying it!!! Especially since it is my first vacation this year!! If you can get a chance to read this, please let me know!! I"m also so looking forward to seeing and meeting a lot more artists for the first artists, and my parents are really excited to meet some famous, Gaither artists, for the first time!! See you and hopefully talk to as many of you as possible!!


    Leah Wiegand

    5 years 8 weeks ago
  4.'s picture

    I am looking forward to this one above all my first family fest since breast cancer

    5 years 8 weeks ago
  5.'s picture

    I have two tickets for sale for Family Fest this year. They are in section 208, Row B, Seats 6 and 7, that's two rows from the stage! The price is $261, which is what I paid for them. If you are interested email me at God bless, Joe. Please note these tickets have been sold.

    5 years 17 weeks ago
  6. deronmorrow's picture

    Would like to buy 2 tickets for the Sat.May 25 2013 evening show if someone could help let me know please
    call at 828 443 7049 or email at
    Deron Morrow

    5 years 20 weeks ago
  7. deronmorrow's picture

    I want to buy 2 Tickets for the Saturday May 25 2013 evening show only. I was hoping someone could help me with this I am trying to get these for our 22 Anniversary.Can pay Anyway you would like.
    You can call me at 828 443 7049 or email me at
    Hope to here from someone soon

    5 years 20 weeks ago
  8.'s picture

    Where is Ivan Parker!!!

    5 years 22 weeks ago
  9.'s picture

    I need four tickets to the 2013 Family Fest,if available contact Verna at thanks

    5 years 23 weeks ago
  10. Heather from England's picture
    Heather from England:

    I'm still looking for some good seats for this years Family Fest if anyone can help

    5 years 24 weeks ago
  11. bwalt's picture

    Unbelievable still no Ivan Parker on the artist rooster..

    5 years 26 weeks ago
  12. Julie358's picture

    I am hoping someone will have two tickets to sell for this concert.
    If so, please contact me.

    5 years 41 weeks ago
  13. Heather from England's picture
    Heather from England:

    I know its very early to be asking this, but if anyone hears of two tickets for sale in any of the blocks around the stage could you please let me know. i realise there are many tickets still for sale, but i have reasons for needing seats as near to the stage as possible.


    5 years 42 weeks ago