Gatlinburg, TN

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May 25, 2012
Venue Information

Gaither Vocal Band
    Wes Hampton
    David Phelps
    Bill Gaither
    Michael English
    Mark Lowry


Ken Davis - Saturday

Ian Cron - Sunday

The Booth Brothers (Saturday & Sunday only)
The Browns (Friday & Saturday
The Collingsworth Family (Saturday only)
Jason Crabb (Sunday only)
Jeff & Sheri Easter (Saturday & Sunday only)
Buddy Greene (Saturday & Sunday only)
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound (Friday & Saturday only)
The Hoppers (Friday only)
The Isaacs
The Martins
Gene McDonald
Gordon Mote
The Nelons (Saturday & Sunday only)
Angela Primm
Lynda Randle (Saturday & Sunday only)
Charlotte Ritchie
Greg Ritchie
Ben Speer (Saturday & Sunday only)
Russ Taff
Voices of Lee (Sunday only)
Kevin Williams

Attending the Event

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Meet & Greet Photos

  1.'s picture

    I'm going to Family Fest! See ya'll there!

    6 years 4 weeks ago
  2. estanner's picture

    Both tickets have been sold.

    Previous Entry
    I have two tickets available for $125 a piece (face value). They are in section 301, Row F, and seats 3 and 4. I had bought tickets only to find out the other person I was going with had bought ours as well! So I'm selling the ones I purchased. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks so much! Have a blessed day!

    6 years 4 weeks ago
  3. cyra42's picture

    that is ivan sorry fat fingers

    6 years 7 weeks ago
  4. cyra42's picture

    i am coming for my first family fest.. is there an itinerary? is there a dress code? im really excited to be there i only wish some of my favorites were gonna be there too.. i love guy, evan and candy hemphill christmas but i am thrilled to see
    david phelps!!!!

    6 years 7 weeks ago
  5.'s picture

    I have 2 tickets to sell. They are in section 212, beside where the artists sit. Seats A3 and A4 (front row). $125 each. If you want them, just send me your address and I will send them to you. Thanks.

    6 years 7 weeks ago
  6. BNershi's picture

    3 tickets for sale. Section 204, Row Q, Seats 11, 12 and 13. Sadly we cannot attend Family Fest this year. Please contact me at if interested. $125 each + processing fee. Total cost is $391.60.

    4/11/2012 update: All three tickets have been sold. Thanks everyone.

    6 years 10 weeks ago
  7.'s picture

    I am so sorry but these tickets have already been sold. Hopefully you can find some elsewhere as I am sure this will be another good year at Family Fest. Thanks.

    6 years 12 weeks ago
  8. debbiegrissom's picture

    D you still have these tickets? I am interested..

    6 years 12 weeks ago
  9.'s picture

    Would like two tickets to Family Fest. Please contact me if anyone has any availlable

    6 years 12 weeks ago
  10. Heather from England's picture
    Heather from England:

    I have two or maybe even three tickets for Family Fest for sale.

    Very sadly I need to sell them as I cannot get from Birmingham to Gatlinburg on the Friday, and my son and daughter in law are no longer able to go.

    They are good tickets.

    Section 207, ROW:H, SEAT:1, 2 and 3

    Please message me if you are interested

    6 years 15 weeks ago
  11. debbiegrissom's picture

    If you are serious about the tickets please let me know.. I am looking for 2

    6 years 17 weeks ago
  12. Heather from England's picture
    Heather from England:

    I have just had an email from the Gaither office.

    The guest speakers will be Ken Davis and Ian Cron, they have now been added to the online information.  I do not think there have been any recent changes to the artist roster.
    Customer Service
    Gaither Music Company

    It seems like we will be missing a couple of our favorites :(

    6 years 17 weeks ago
  13. nickey.02's picture

    If anybody has tickets they want to sale or know where to by please let me know.

    6 years 18 weeks ago
  14. nickey.02's picture

    Does anyone know where to buy tickets?

    6 years 18 weeks ago
  15.'s picture

    I have two extra front row tickets in section 212. If you have been at this event before, that is the section right beside where the artists and their families sit. If you are interested, just let me know- $125 each. Thanks.

    6 years 18 weeks ago
  16. bwalt's picture

    I Beg your Pardon the last 3 years he has been there..Before he was going to his Grand daughters Birthday..

    6 years 20 weeks ago
  17.'s picture

    I would like to buy a couple of "front row" tickets. If you have some to sell, please let me know at THANKS!

    6 years 20 weeks ago
  18.'s picture

    Any suggestions on where to stay?

    6 years 23 weeks ago
  19.'s picture

    I have two extra front row tickets in section 212. That is the section right beside where the performers and their families sit so they are at the corner of the stage (and therefore a little further away from the stage than the front row on the sides). If they are of interest, just let me know- $125 per ticket. Thanks.

    6 years 23 weeks ago
  20.'s picture

    i not only see Ivan and Janet Pascal missing but so are the Isaacs and they are always part of the artists. This list surely is not complete. Sad to know that the Hoppers are only going to be there for Friday night. But smile that the Booth Brothers will be there Saturday and Sunday. They are probably performing with Legacy Five in Nashville at the Opryland Hotel that weekend.

    Will the "purchase" of Family Fest for presales this morning just magically appear under tickets for sale? Last year the server got so inundated it failed and after about 20 mnutes (which would usually put you 12-15 rows back) kept everyone else from getting tickets too (I got them through customer service at and have 4th row tickets.

    I am not positive right at the moment but I may have two tickets for sale.

    6 years 23 weeks ago
  21.'s picture

    In the past few years, Ivan has not been a "regular". He was there last year I think it was but before that he hadn't been there in 3 years or so.

    6 years 23 weeks ago
  22. nickey.02's picture

    Is there anyone who wants to sale their tickets?

    6 years 25 weeks ago
  23.'s picture

    I would love to purchase two front row seats as well...

    6 years 27 weeks ago
  24. nickey.02's picture

    If anybody is going to sale their tickets! PLEASE let me know!!!!

    6 years 31 weeks ago
  25. bwalt's picture

    Still waiting for answer concerning complete Artist list..
    More specificaly is Ivan Parker not going to be there?
    Voted #1 Soloist by the fans how many years in a row now?
    Will be a lot of seats for sale Heather yo want have to choose from what is left for sale..

    6 years 35 weeks ago
  26. bwalt's picture

    Carol, it would have been hard to ignore..The fans erupted
    Bill and his staff are so on top of things..
    Just don't understand it but like you I have some tickets
    for sale..
    Ivan has a large fan base and the ones I talked to at Myrtle
    Beach did not know he wasn't going to be at FF and had same
    reaction as us..
    Love the other Artist and love Ivan also so come on Bill
    lets have Ivan at FF all weekend..

    6 years 35 weeks ago
  27. Anonymous's picture
    ivanfan1 (not verified):

    Hopefully, after Bill heard the response Ivan got when he walked on stage this morning at GF, he will add him to the roster.
    Folks love Ivan and we want him at FF.

    6 years 35 weeks ago
  28. Diane (Dee) Robinson's picture
    Diane (Dee) Robinson:

    I'm hoping this list is incomplete. Surely, Ivan Parker and Janet Paschal won't be left off!

    6 years 35 weeks ago
  29. Heather from England's picture
    Heather from England:

    and let me know if you are selling your seats because I'll happily buy them from you

    6 years 36 weeks ago
  30. Heather from England's picture
    Heather from England:

    They dont seem to have any speakers down Betty so maybe there are still some to add

    6 years 36 weeks ago
  31. bwalt's picture

    Are we not suppose to get answers,such as is this all the artist for this event?

    6 years 38 weeks ago
  32. Anonymous's picture
    ivanfan1 (not verified):

    I dont see Ivan Parker listed. Looks like my front row seats will be for sale.

    6 years 38 weeks ago
  33. bwalt's picture

    Is this artist list complete??
    Ivan Parker is not going to be there? Unbelievable!!!!

    6 years 38 weeks ago