Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest 2013 - 2 Day Event

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October 11, 2013
Venue Information

Gaither Fest is a 2-day, three-concert event - Oct. 11-12, 2013

Weekend Concert Schedule:

Friday, October 11, 2013
7:00 p.m. - Opening Concert

Saturday, October 12, 2013
10:00 a.m. Concert & Guest Speaker

6:00 p.m. Final Concert


Ticket costs for this year's Myrtle Beach Gaither Fest weekend: $100 for adults and $35 for children (w/ a handling fee of $5.50 per ticket).

Handicap seating is ONLY available by calling Customer Service at 1-800-406-4224 Mon - Friday 8am - 5pm EDT

ORDER BY PHONE at 1-800-406-4224

Accessible seating please call 800-406-4224

The artist list for Gaither Fest 2013 includes:

Bill & Gloria Gaither

Gaither Vocal Band

  • Mark Lowry
  • Wes Hampton
  • Michael English
  • David Phelps

Speaker:  Gloria Gaither

The Booth Brothers
The Isaacs
The Martins
Gene Mc Donald
Charlotte Ritchie
Greg Ritchie
Kevin Williams
Matthew Holt
The Nelons
Russ Taff
Buddy Greene
The Browns
Jeff & Sheri Easter
Taylor Mason
Angela Primm


Attending the Event

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Meet & Greet Photos

  1.'s picture

    This is the third annual pilgrimage to GaitherFest Myrtle Beach for my mother and daughter. We can't wait!

    4 years 27 weeks ago
  2.'s picture

    We have.been attending Gaither gathering for "years" and are so looking forward to Myrtle Beach again on the 11th. May The Lord continue to bless these events!

    4 years 28 weeks ago
  3.'s picture

    I am heartsick but my husband and I have had to cancel our entire Myrtle Beach Trip, hotels, etc. We have 2 available tickets to Gaither-Fest, if anyone is interested - contact:

    4 years 29 weeks ago
  4.'s picture

    Can't wait to see everyone again at Myrtle Beach Oct.11-12. We look forward to this event all year. Hope to talk with the Vocal Band again this year. Glad the Booth Brothers are a part of this line up.

    4 years 30 weeks ago
  5.'s picture

    I am interested in one ticket close to the front. If you had to cancel and have one available, please let me know. Thanks - Donna

    4 years 30 weeks ago
  6.'s picture

    Can't wait!!! This is my second Gaither concert in Myrtle Beach!!!

    4 years 30 weeks ago
  7.'s picture

    I'm looking for 2 tickets fairly close to the front...please let me know - - if you have tickets to sell. Blessings.

    4 years 35 weeks ago
  8. sweetsoutherndreams's picture

    Please add Logan Smith to the artists lineup! Can hardly wait to go!

    4 years 37 weeks ago
  9.'s picture

    anyone have two tickets they are not going to use in a good section (close to front)......interested.....

    4 years 41 weeks ago
  10.'s picture

    Sadly, my husband and I just found out that because of a conflict we cannot attend this Gaither Fest. We have 2 fabulous tickets....Row F !!! If you or anyone you know would be interested in these tickets, please contact me at for info. God Bless.............M Taylor

    4 years 48 weeks ago
  11.'s picture

    For those in "past" attendance - I am "thinking" of getting this event and a hotel for my husband's birthday (June) and our wedding anniversary which is Oct. 11th. Any suggestions on a beachfront hotel vs. the recommended hotel which is not oceanfront? Any suggestions would be appreciated. -

    WELL, I decided we would do half and half - first half at the Sheraton and 2nd half of our stay at the Hampton Oceanfront. I am so excited to give this gift to my husband in June (his 75th) and the Friday concert is our FIFTH wedding anniversary!

    5 years 9 weeks ago
  12. bwalt's picture

    Hard to believe the #1 soloist is not on this artist rooster..

    5 years 17 weeks ago