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April 5, 2014
Venue Information

Saturday  April 5, 2014   6:00 PM         Citizens Business Bank Arena


Gaither Vocal Band

  • Bill Gaither
  • Wes Hampton
  • David Phelps
  • Adam Crabb
  • Todd Suttles

The Martins
The Isaacs
Angela Primm
Charlotte Ritchie
Gene McDonald
Kevin Williams
Greg Ritchie
Matthew Holt


Ticket Prices:
(A $2.00 facility fee is included in all ticket prices.  Additional fees will apply)

Artist Circle: $38.50
Reserved: $28.50
Senior(60+): $22.50
Child(12&under): $22.50
Groups(15+): $22.50
All groups of 15 or more received 2 FREE tickets!

Charge-by-phone: 1-888-929-7849

Ticket Outlets: Citizens Business Bank Arena Box Office

For More Information: Call 909-244-5600

Group Tickets:  Call 909-244-5516

Mail Order:
Make checks payable and mail to:  Citizens Business Bank Arena, ATTN: Gaither Concert, 4000 E. Ontario Center Pwy., Ontario, CA  91764.  Please enclosed $5.00 per order processing fee.

Artist subject to change without notice.

Attending the Event

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Meet & Greet Photos

  1. valsmsf@aol.com's picture

    I agree that the information is misleading. I have never dealt with this company on purchasing tickets. It has always been Ticketmaster before or sometimes I tickets. The facility fee is high. I don't think that there was a discount in Premium seating, which is what you purchased. But having seen them here before, the Premium seats are terrific.

    4 years 18 weeks ago
  2. it is natalie's picture
    it is natalie:

    Can' wait for the concert.

    4 years 18 weeks ago
  3. it is natalie's picture
    it is natalie:

    I am with you on how God moves me with their talent. Can't wait to April.

    4 years 18 weeks ago
  4. it is natalie's picture
    it is natalie:

    Glad it is getting closer.

    4 years 19 weeks ago
  5. ocwoman's picture

    Just bought my tickets! One for me and one for a friend. I'm so excited my nephew just told me I'm acting like a 15 year old at a Justin Beiber concert...5 years ago! Who cares? I hope and pray that by the time the event is happening that the Gaithers and company finally get recognized in SoCal.

    4 years 19 weeks ago
  6. cwbygeej@aol.com's picture

    I just purchased our tickets for the event. I was a little disappointed to see that the concert will not be in the round, and the ticket prices and options listed are not what they are selling for, but still very blessed to be going. There was a Facility fee of $4 per ticket, and an additional Service charge of $16 per ticket, on top of the $76.50 charge for premium seating, (not artist circle as advertised above). I wasn't able to find the Senior or Child ticket options...was anyone else able to?

    4 years 19 weeks ago
  7. it is natalie's picture
    it is natalie:

    I am excited that the GVB is coming to CA. I wish they would go to the Bay Area. I am going down south CA to see them. Waiting till I can order ticket.

    4 years 24 weeks ago
  8. b.lhubbs@gmail.com's picture

    Can hardly wait for tickets to go on sale. I was hoping a California concert was on the agenda!

    4 years 24 weeks ago
  9. k.bishop@cox.net's picture

    So happy to know they are finally coming to Southern California again!!! Can't wait!

    4 years 26 weeks ago
  10. valsmsf@aol.com's picture

    We see them every time that they are in California. The venue is a great venue to see them at. There isn't a bad seat in the house. Be prepared for a almost 4 hour up-lifting experience.

    4 years 29 weeks ago
  11. chely481's picture

    I was so excited to learn that they were coming to California. I live in Las Vegas so California is good enough for me. Hope to see you guys this April. :-)

    4 years 31 weeks ago
  12. ocwoman's picture

    I almost fell off my chair when I saw the email about the concert tour. I was beginning to think the GVB would NEVER come to California! I would buy tickets right now if they were on sale. I guess I'll have to check back every day until they do. I've been waiting for years for the opportunity to see them live. God moves me when I watch them on TV or my tablet so I can't imagine how much better this will be. I want the best seat I can get so I'll keep watching.

    4 years 34 weeks ago