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Many of you have contacted us with questions about Family Fest 2021 so we are answering some of those questions below.   In addition, we have included information from the Convention Center in regards to their COVID-19 Preparedness.

Frequently Asked Family Fest 2021 Questions:

  1.  Is Family Fest 2021 still happening?  Yes.  Please be aware that interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19.  We cannot guarantee that you will not be exposed while in attendance at this event.  We encourage you to follow safety protocols such as wearing a mask, frequent handwashing and maintaining social distance, when possible.
  2. Do you have a plan for social distancing?  It is very difficult to maintain a 6 feet social distance in our current seating configuration.  If you are uncomfortable sitting in your assigned seat, please request a refund in advance.  Hand Sanitizing Stations will be placed throughout the building.  No pass outs of materials such as flyers.  No ticket sales on sight to cut down on time spent standing in line. All tickets purchased will be mailed in advance.  We will NOT have a Will Call line to pick up tickets on site.
  3. Will masks be required?  Yes.  Even though TN does not have an official mask mandate in place, the Office of the Governor strongly encourages the use of face coverings in all public places where close proximity to others is anticipated.  With this in mind and with our event attendance being of a larger crowd with limited social distancing in place, we will ask that everyone who attends wear a mask at all times while in the convention center. The only exceptions to this requirement will be those under age 2, for those who have trouble breathing or anyone unable to remove a mask without assistance.
  4. Will the artist have product tables, sign autographs and take photos with us?  Will there be an autograph session?   We will not be having an official Gaither Vocal Band or Bill & Gloria Gaither Autograph Session.  Individual artists may choose to sell products at their booth and take photos.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  5. I feel uncomfortable being in a large crowd.  Can I get a refund?  Although Family Fest is traditionally a non-refundable event, we will honor refunds requested before May 25, 2021.
  6. How do I request my refund?  Please email with the name and address on the order plus a brief explanation for the request
  7. Is it possible you will decide to cancel, and if so, what would be the latest date for this decision?  At this time, we do not have plans to cancel this event.  We cannot control what happens in the world, therefore the only reason we would cancel would be if the Local, State or Federal Government requires a limit on crowds which is not the case at this time.
  8. I haven’t received my tickets yet, when will they be sent?  You should have your tickets by the first of May.

Below is Information from the Gatlinburg Convention Center




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