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FAQ Page

CD or DVD pausing and skipping
Sometimes oils from our fingers will get on the disc or perhaps some coating is present from the
manufacturing process. Please follow these steps to clean:
1 – Take the DVD or CD to your kitchen sink
2 – With a little warm water and a small drop of dish soap wash the bottom or the blank side
gently with your fingers
3 – Rinse well
4 – Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth
5 – Try playing it again
In most cases this helps with the problems that you are experiencing. Please let us know if you
continue to experience problems playing your DVD or CD.

Copyright Info:
Gaither Music copyrights are currently being administered by Capitol Music
Group. The main phone number for Capitol Music Group is 615-371-4300, and
the menu prompts will help you find the correct department.
If you prefer email, or you can visit the
website at

Concert Tour Questions
Check out or our Facebook page for updates to the tour schedule,  CLICK HERE.
For questions on Gaither Concerts other than Family Fest, email

How do I get the pre-sale code for an upcoming concert pre-sale?
You can get your pre-sale code by logging onto the online store site using your Premium Membership username and password.  Once you are logged on, hover your mouse over the word Membership (to the right side) and you should see the drop down for Pre-sale Codes and Free Gifts.  Select Pre-Sale Codes.  You should be able to see your code and click the link to take you to the ticketing for this event on the next page.

How do I print my Family Fest e-tickets?
Open the confirmation email you received when you ordered your tickets.  It will say that these this is not your ticket but if you scroll down a bit you will see the “View E-tickets” button, click on it and the next page will show “Print Now” at the top.  Click on “Print Now” and it will print your tickets (one ticket per page).

If you purchased your Gaither.TV subscription through Apple, Google or Amazon your username and password is automatically set to be the same ones you use to log in for that account/site.

Link Roku to GaitherTV Account – Instructions
1. With the GaitherTV channel loaded, press the Right-Arrow on your Roku remote control to
highlight "Bill Gaither's Monthly Picks" and then click the OK button on your Roku remote
2. Press the OK button again to select a video
3. Press the OK button again to select; Subscribe to GAITHER TV;
4. On your computer, tablet or smartphone, go to: and enter the code
currently displayed on your television screen 5. Your television screen with automatically
update once your Roku has been connected to your GAITHER TV account.

If you are experiencing problems logging in to watch Gaither TV on ROKU, please do the following:

1. Remove the Gaither TV app from your ROKU

2. Reload the Gaither TV app onto your ROKU

3. Log in with your Gaither TV username and password

If you continue to experience problems, email  Please make sure to include the name and email address on the account.

Singing News has an extensive obituary listing that you can access online.

Order Questions:
Please call 888-554-9454 or email for product
order questions. If you would like to place an order, please CLICK HERE or call 800-

Performance Tracks or Sheet Music
Unfortunately, we no longer carry performance tracks or sheet music. You might
try checking out some of the online companies that offer tracks or sheet music,
such as Brentwood-Benson, Christwill, Daywind or Itunes.

Song Submissions:
We regret that we are unable to accept song submissions at this time. At this stage in his life, Mr.
Gaither is trying to cut back some to spend more time with those things near and
dear to his heart. In doing this, it does not allow time to review the many song
submissions he receives on a daily basis.  We do wish you the best as you pursue your artistic calling.

We have created a YouTube series called  “Ask Bill”, where he answers a few of the most asked questions that Bill and Gloria have had throughout the years.  CLICK HERE to watch.



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