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April 25, 2017

Make It A Multigenerational Vacation in 2018

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Make It A Multigenerational Vacation in 2018

5 Brilliant Reasons to Consider a Homecoming Cruise

Multigenerational vacations are growing in popularity, and for good reason.  Priceless memories are made when kids, parents and grandparents experience new adventures together, away from everyday responsibilities.  And many potential vacationers do not realize that Gaither cruises are carefully crafted with a multigenerational experience in mind.

Here are five brilliant reasons to consider the 2018 Caribbean Homecoming Cruise as an ideal travel destination for your entire family.

1.     Great Programming for Kids

Club Hal provides free, engaging and safe activities children love while adults attend concerts or spend time together.  With hands-on, age-appropriate activities and games designed just for them, it is a great place for the kids onboard to have fun and make new friends.  The Homecoming family has been bringing their kids and grandkids on cruises for years, and Club Hal is consistently a highlight of the kids’ week. 


2.     Music Appropriate for the Whole Family

Multiple Homecoming concerts throughout the week offer positive and soul-nourishing music with something for the whole family.  Bill intentionally creates each concert line-up to include favorite hymns, the most current Gaither-penned favorites, and blends in soul-stirring moments as well as lots of laughter. The program is specifically handpicked to keep the interest of the whole family.


3.     Adventures and Activities for Every Interest

Those who long for adventure can take advantage of a huge array of opportunities to explore, learn about Caribbean culture, snorkel in pristine, tropical waters, and so much more. Yet family members who decide not to venture off the ship still have a huge array of options.  The ship’s movie theatre offers family friendly movies and popcorn, and there are spacious common areas to play board games, read, or work on puzzles. You will find beautiful art exhibited throughout the halls of the ship, classes to attend, and all the food you can possibly imagine.  And don’t get us started on the shopping…there are endless shopping opportunities on and off the ship.  The pools, both indoors and outside in the sun, offer swimming day and night, and there are plenty of comfortable seats for lounging if you want to relax while the kids swim

Those who want to keep your workouts going while at sea can take advantage of workout areas, exercise classes, basketball nets, a running track, and decks perfect for long walks and soaking in the tropical sun.  One thing we can promise: no one in your family has an excuse for boredom.


4.     Spiritually Nourishing Environment

Concerts are not the only way your soul is nourished during a Gaither cruise. Morning devotions and prayer, led by the Homecoming artists, are open to anyone who wishes to attend.  And throughout any given day, it is common to see people praying together or sharing in meaningful conversations about life, faith and the challenges they face.  It is important for kids of all ages to be exposed to this kind of environment, where spiritual conversations are part of a normal day.
All day, every day, uplifting gospel music is piped through speakers and resound through the halls of the cruise ship. Whenever you turn on the cabin televisions, Homecoming videos are playing 24-hours-a-day.  Truly, there is not a moment of the day or night when travelers can’t tap into music, conversations, or the sound of ocean waves to help you recharge spiritually.   


5.     Gaither cruise ships are not shared with other travelers.

Many Christian cruise experiences reserve only a portion of the ship.  But Gaither Homecoming cruises inhabit the entire ship.  This is a big deal, because inhabiting the entire ship drastically changes the atmosphere.  There is not anyone on a Gaither cruise who isn’t there for the Homecoming family experience.  Additionally, activities many families do not want young travelers exposed to – such as open bars or casinos – are not in operation during a Gaither Homecoming cruise.


Bill and Gloria almost always bring one or more of their kids or grandkids, as do many of the artists.  They know from experience that this concentrated week together is a rare gift, and they love seeing other families seize the opportunity to do the same.  That is why Gaither Homecoming Cruises were created –  to intentionally foster an atmosphere where the week is focused on eternal things.

What a rare chance this is to bring together grandparents, parents, and kiddos for a multigenerational getaway of a lifetime.  After all, it isn’t accomplishments or bank accounts that fill your life with satisfaction.  It is relationships.  Homecoming cruises offer an ideal environment to enrich and deepen your most important relationships; and that, friends, is a priceless gift!


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