Alaskan Homecoming Cruise - July 20-27, 2012

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The dates have been set and it’s time to make plans for this July’s Alaskan Homecoming Cruise!  The dates are July 20-27 and premium members receive a $100 discount if you book before the end of January!  (Members will be asked to verify your username at the time of your reservation.)

This is such a wonderful chance to get away from the demands of everyday life and invest some time in recharging your body, mind and spirit!  There are morning devotions with the Homecoming artists each day, daily concerts to refresh your soul, opportunities to refuel and rest alongside the Homecoming family for 7 glorious days.  And something about being surrounded by some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery makes this week extra- special.

For more details on this year’s Alaskan cruise itinerary, ship accommodations, artist roster and other details, CLICK THIS LINK.

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    On the 2011 Alaskan cruise, the New York fireman said Gaither Music has been the salvation of our generation. It's true.

    Every disaster that has befallen this country during the past 30 years, has been the result of lack of moral character.

    The Harvard Business School choose as their Man-of-the-Year, the commencement speaker, a man upon whom the FBI had secreted so many wired devices, when he began to speak his broadcast interfered with the sound system. "Greed is good!" he said and Ivan Boesky became a modern icon.

    As I watch politics, finance, factory 'offshoring', pensions disappear, all pass through the present, I ask, "Is there no one worthy?"

    7 years 19 weeks ago
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    Signed up! PTL!

    7 years 23 weeks ago