DISH Launches 24/7 Gaither TV Channel

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To everyone who has tuned in to our weekend marathons on DISH Channel 256 throughout the summer, we extend a HUGE THANK YOU!  

Because of your incredible viewership, DISH soon will begin airing 24-hour-a-day Gaither programming on the next channel down, DISH Channel 255, beginning Monday, September 16! 

PLEASE NOTE that, until September 16, there is no programming assigned to DISH Channel 255. So don't worry if you can't access that channel right now.  The new all-Gaither network will be available to Dish subscribers when the Gaither channel launches at 12:00 AM on Monday, September 16.

DISH Channel 256 will continue the previously scheduled 48-hour weekend Homecoming marathons (Friday at 12 midnight through Sunday at 11:59 p.m.) only through September 15, then you can move on over to Channel 255 beginning September 16 for the new all-Gaither channel!

If you are not currently a DISH satellite customer but you would like to explore that option, you can find information on DISH TV subscriptions here.

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    My wife and I enjoy what channel 255. It is great to watch something and ave one of say, "I
    d like to have that package of music." Then, it is even better when we say it at the same time. I would cut back on some of the old, older DVD's, but certainly enjoy seeing those I have never see. The GVB reunited a case in point. We watch this every time and are amazed at how much we did not see the last time we watched.

    Gary and Joanne Gerbrandt

    5 years 23 weeks ago
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    I had my DVR set to record the occasional Gaither infomercials when they came on but suddenly my disk was full. That's when I found out that Dish had a channel devoted to all things Gaither. Love it. I now split my time between H2, News, CBS on Tuesdays and Channel 255.

    5 years 28 weeks ago
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    I have been watching nothing but channel 255 since Monday. Just love it. I bought some CD's today because of the programming. Now to wait for pay day next Month for more purchases. BTW, I have been leaving the TV on all night, and I am sleeping better than I have been.

    5 years 34 weeks ago