Exclusive Footage from ‘Women of Homecoming’

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Whenever we tape a new video, there is inevitably some footage that will not fit on the final DVDs, but we don’t want you to miss the chance to see some of those moments!  Gaither.com is pleased to provide for you the following exclusive footage of Charlotte Ritchie singing “My Father’s Angels” to her daughter, Jayna, at the most recent Homecoming taping of Women of Homecoming.  The current issue of Homecoming Magazine features an article with little Jayna about her first Homecoming taping, so be sure to look for that in the September-October issue.


See the video of “My Father’s Angels” by clicking the viewing box below.


The Women of Homecoming DVDs release on Tuesday, September 24!   Order yours online here.

  1. jayp@jayp.net's picture

    Two beautiful women. I had the pleasure of seeing Charlotte perform live in Myrtle Beach last month and she was THE performer that caught my eye along with Angela Primm. I had been basically overlooking them in the videos but the live performances showcased their talent to a level I had not been expecting. Charlotte has a beautiful smile that when you see it you can't help but smile back at her. THANKS

    5 years 31 weeks ago
  2. dlpatt@hotmail.com's picture

    Charlotte has the voice of an angel! I have her CD with this song on it. I listen to it all the time. Great CD!

    5 years 38 weeks ago
  3. rushluv@mchsi.com's picture

    I thought I was the only one crying until I saw Morgan Easter ! What a precious moment for mother & daughter AND sweet little Morgan!

    5 years 38 weeks ago
  4. tkirby@gforcecable.com's picture

    Awesome job Charlotte. Tom Kirby

    5 years 39 weeks ago