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For months the Gaither Vocal Band has been holding studio sessions to work on their next recording. You might have seen an occasional tweet, like the photo below tweeted by Wes Hampton on April 2, but really, the process has been quite under wraps. So this story brings you up-to-date on the progress of the next Gaither Vocal Band album, as well as unreleased photos from their recent photo shoot.

Anytime you get five musical heads together like Bill Gaither, David Phelps, Michael English, Wes Hampton and Mark Lowry, one can never guess what they will come up with!  So we talked with Ben Isaacs, who is co-producing this recording, and he gave us an unprecedented look at what has been happening inside the studio and what to expect on the next Gaither Vocal Band CD.

According to Ben, “It all started back when we were working on the tracks for the Tent Revival taping.  Those tracks were cut with acoustic instruments and Bill just fell in love with that dynamic.”

When they got into the studio months later, they went “acoustic” and Ben says they have come up with some of the most innovative and energetic Gaither Vocal Band vocals he has ever heard!  He called it, “re-inventive.” (He may have made that word up but sometimes it takes a new word to describe something that breaks new ground!) He then described the album’s sound, “If you take Isaacs-style-instrumentation with the intricate male harmonies of the Gaither Vocal Band... it creates a cross between the Jordanaires or  the Golden Gate Quartet from the 1950s and ‘60s, and an organic sound more like ‘Allison Krauss-meets-James Taylor.’”

The album’s title is still up in the air, but they are currently throwing around the title, “Simply Acoustic.”  So we’ll see if that sticks.  But the release date is set for September 11, 2012, and we’re pretty sure that will stick.

The fast vocals, dynamics and pure energy stay true to the Gaither Vocal Band’s tried and true sound, as do their song choices.  Although the track list is subject to change (and these may not be the official song titles on a technical note), here are the songs we think might make it to the CD:

1. Do You Wanna Be Well? 

2. On the Road to Emmaus

3. Rumor Mill

4. The Love of God (How Rich and Pure…)

5. Cup of Sorrow

6. Rasslin’ Jacob

7. Winds of this World

8. Glorious Freedom

9. The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference

10. I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted

11. Fool’s Gold

12. Long Time Gone

13. Whole Lot of Shakin’

14. I’m Rich

The following two photos were used for internal purposes for the staff to see a couple of the looks they chose for the GVB’s photo shoot.  In other words, these are not retouched and, in the case of photo #2, the Vocal Band was looking at the photographer (Russ Harrington) while our photographer (Celeste Winstead) snapped a photo with another camera.  But we knew you would enjoy getting a little inside peek at what’s coming, so bear with us and we are sure the final cover will be terrific!



  1. Jiffer60's picture

    Can't WAIT for this to come out!!

    7 years 2 weeks ago
  2. Kenny Barillas's picture
    Kenny Barillas:

    Hey, you're absolutely right, GBV can not carry titles burned ... hopefully not confirm the name, but sounds great, hope to put a name that has to do with the acoustic.

    7 years 3 weeks ago
  3. justuss's picture

    Great News... But the title "Simply Acoustic" is already published by "Octet Cantabile", a mixed voice ensemble from Chennai, India.
    So please find another title for the CD. GVB needs to be unique in all aspects....
    Looking forward for the new CD with a new title

    7 years 3 weeks ago
  4. gospellover's picture

    The first picture in black and white is very nice.

    7 years 6 weeks ago
  5. jstmedic67@gmail.com's picture

    GOOD PICTURES...like both of 'em!

    7 years 6 weeks ago
  6. jstmedic67@gmail.com's picture

    Bring it on! !! Love y'all & I'm ready to hear it! Love music, love HOLY SPIRIT FILLED GOSPEL that sturs my soul. God Bless & Thank Y'all . Will you tell David love his haircut? Love y'all

    7 years 6 weeks ago
  7. akapp's picture

    Can't wait. Thanks for sharing! Acoustic - YEAH!!!!!

    7 years 6 weeks ago
  8. Kenny Barillas's picture
    Kenny Barillas:

    Wow, sounds very interesting, do not expect to have it, thanks for this great news ...

    7 years 6 weeks ago