Jessy Dixon: March 12, 1938 - Sept. 26, 2011

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The Homecoming family is sad to learn that our dear friend, Jessy Dixon, passed away at 10:37 a.m. on Monday, September 26. He was 73 years old.

Known and loved all over the world, Jessy Dixon could excite a crowd like no one else. He performed with esteemed artists from all genres of music, but the world has been particularly enriched by Jessy’s gift for communicating the Good News in song through songs like “The Wicked Shall Cease Their Troubling,” “I Am Redeemed” (which he wrote), “Highway To Heaven,” “Blood Bought Church,” and “Leaving On My Mind” and many others.
We were blessed by his music, and his personality brought so much joy to everyone who knew him. He will be sorely missed.
Funeral service information is not yet available but as those details become available we will update this story.
Jessy Dixon
March 12, 1938 - September 26, 2011
  1.'s picture

    Jessy Sixon was a musicia, a gentleman, a friend and a totally gracious human being. He conducted himself with grace, dignity and honor always. He will truly be remembered with respect, honor and a gratefulnesses for his gift of sharring with the world his love of God and his marvelous voice. When Jessy was on stage no one set still.

    Rest in eternal peace and everlasting love Mr. Dixon, you will never be for gotten .

    7 years 32 weeks ago
  2. sarahkay1's picture

    Jessy Dixon will be missed but his great music will always live on, I will really miss his on the Gaither viedoes. When he sings he makes everyone so happy even if you are not feeling very well.

    Kay Holbrook
    Cumming, GA

    7 years 33 weeks ago
  3. mgprobst's picture

    The first time I met Jessy in person was at the Auditorium in Milwaukee WI. I was sitting in the second tier of seats and all of a sudden this man sat down next to me and as I turned I saw it was Jessy. He held his finger to his lips so I would not let the others know around me that it was Jessy. Then all of a sudden it was his turn to sing and did he ever. He was such a joy to listen to and his energy was unbelieveable. I wish I would have know that he was also my birthday buddy. Yes, we both were born on March 12th. I am younger than he was but my hair is much whiter than his. My condolences to his family and all of the Gaither family as well. He will be missed.

    7 years 33 weeks ago
  4. Beaconmessages's picture

    I can imagine him singing with perfect rejoycing in the Land where he sang about down here! What a blessing such people, he will be missed but his music will stay with us!

    7 years 33 weeks ago
  5. it is natalie's picture

    I will miss Jessy and his dancing and his voice.

    7 years 33 weeks ago
  6. dmujeye's picture

    Sad to hear this.His songs will always inspire us as we prepare for the soon coming of the LORD.

    7 years 33 weeks ago
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    Jessy, you will be sorely missed but so happy you have now literally finished your walk on the Highway to Heaven! We will always remember you soul and music, how you gathered in the crowd to help you worship our Saviour. A fan from Texas.

    7 years 34 weeks ago
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    Jessy Dixon was one of a kind. A guy that made you think he was singing just for you and we felt he was a special friend even though we didn't know him except for his singing. We thank the Lord for allowing us to enjoy and be blessed by the musical talent of this great Christian man. Our love and prayers go to his family. They shared him with thousands of us regular people. Heaven is again richer as Jessy was welcomed into the presence of Jesus.

    7 years 34 weeks ago
  9. maleahsnana's picture

    I'm so GLAD I have the "Best of Jessy Dixon" DVD - I play it often - and while I'm saddened by his passing - I know that he is w/God and livening up heaven's choir. I had wondered why I had not seen Jessy in the more recent Homecoming programs - and had noticed he wasn't scheduled to be in any of the concerts - Jessy seemed ageless to me so perhaps the biggest surprise is that he was 73 !!

    7 years 34 weeks ago
  10. manieto's picture

    I know that Jesse will be surely missed in the Netherlands to, we sure will. We loved his performence and his joy in life. Rest in peace Jesse.

    7 years 34 weeks ago
  11. HeatherDuanaWeber's picture

    I loved his singing the song & is one of my favorites is I saw the light and he did a really good job on this song & I'll miss him and his singing and I think that my sister Tiffany Weber will also miss his singing bcz she loved his singing those two songs is I saw the Light & Amen was one of her favorite songs and mine is I saw the light by him too & we'll miss him & I'm glad he went home to be wit God & his son (Yeshua)Jesus Christ & we hope that we'll get the chance to meet him and all u guys in Heaven Forever & I did sang along with all of u singing I saw the Light song.

    7 years 34 weeks ago