'Meet Matthew Holt' - Skype Interview

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During Friday night's concert at National Quartet Convention, Bill announced from stage that the new full-time piano player for the Gaither Vocal Band and Gaither Homecoming Tour will be Matthew Holt!  We were excited for you to get to know Matthew, so we have a Skype interview that was recorded on Tuesday, September 18.

Enjoy this video interview with Matthew where he talks about the moment Bill made the surprise announcement, and about his family and musical history.  Let us know in the comments if you have other questions you would like answered in the near future about our new piano player!  Click the viewing box below this story to watch the interview now.
Also, we have a fun members-only portion of the interview for premium Gaither.com members where Matt shares about his sports team loyalties!  Members can log in and click here to see!

You can follow Matthew on Facebook and @Matthew_Holt  on Twitter to get to know him and stay in touch!

  1. jdpriest0528@aol.com's picture

    I am unable to access the skype interview with matthew holt. Is there a problem with the link?

    7 years 6 weeks ago
  2. gmolly's picture

    I have tired numerous times to view the interview with Matthew Holt and cannot get it. Please help!

    7 years 8 weeks ago
  3. Kenny Barillas's picture
    Kenny Barillas:

    Oh, it really a great pianist, God bless his solo career, well, we will miss him in the DVDs.

    7 years 8 weeks ago
  4. Julie Brostrom's picture
    Julie Brostrom:

    Wes posted on twitter that Gordon is focusing on studio sessions and a solo career. He said he's doing awesome :) He will be very missed on the Homecoming Tour, but Matthew Holt is a wonderful pianist and a kind person too :)

    7 years 8 weeks ago
  5. Kenny Barillas's picture
    Kenny Barillas:

    And Gordon?, What happened to him?

    7 years 8 weeks ago