NEW!! From the Booth Brothers - Still

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NEW!!  Booth Brothers:  Still


The Booth Brothers' newest CD, Still,  is about to release on July 31st, but you can order it here on today! 

This new release features everything you love about the Booth Brothers: smooth, seamless harmonies, meaningful gospel favorites, and energy galore. They wholeheartedly believe every word they're singing, and with each new recording they bring a new crop of music they know can make a difference in this broken world.

Get it here and be among the first to hear this newest addition to the Booth Brothers' legacy!

Click here to order your copy today!

Song List:

  1. Faith Keeps Walking
  2. Happy Rhythm
  3. Still
  4. Dirt on my Hands
  5. I Am the Word
  6. The Touch of the Master’s Hand
  7. Whenever I Speak His Name
  8. Down by the River
  9. Wildflower (Vicki’s song)
  10. Jesus Saves