News & Photos from Ft. Worth Gaither Fest

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Today, the Homecoming family has gathered in the great state of Texas, for a full weekend of great music at Fort Worth Gaither Fest!  Below are a few photos taken around Ft. Worth so far this weekend, plus we have an exciting announcement!

We have just received confirmation for next year’s Gaither Fest in Fort Worth!  Mark your calendars for May 3 & 4, 2013 and stay tuned for details on securing your seats for next year’s event!


  1.'s picture

    We made this concert and you can never know how it lifted us The Coffins

    7 years 1 week ago
  2. TerriRN's picture

    I agree, Summer. It was the best I've ever attended. We were so blessed by the weekend. Hoping to buy my tickets for next year right away.

    7 years 2 weeks ago
  3.'s picture

    Got to be there Friday night(May 4th)in Ft. Worth. WOW what a night of GREAT GOSPEL MUSIC. The Vocal Band has never been better. The Martins, The Hoopers, the whole bunch just lifted the rafters. You could feel the presence of God there.Can't wait till next year!

    7 years 2 weeks ago
  4. Elsa Kaunio's picture
    Elsa Kaunio:

    You have thoughts, your Heavenly Father's blessing for the concert event

    7 years 2 weeks ago