Remembering George Jones (1931 - 2013)

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We are sad to inform you that our friend, George Jones, passed away on Friday, April 26, at the age of 81. 
"Possom" as many called him, ranks among the most influential artists the world of country music will ever know. He was a gentle, touchable human being whose authenticity resonated through every song he sang. His music has made a permanent impression on country music for generations to come.
We also know that George loved gospel music, too.  We were honored by his participation in the Country Bluegrass Homecoming gathering a few years ago, and nearly every artist at that taping could hardly wait to meet this country icon. 
In his memory, we share the following timeless hymn George sang for us that day.  We believe he was a true believer in the amazing grace he sang about that day.  Please keep his family in your prayers during this profound loss.
Please enjoy George as he performs Amazing Grace.

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    George Jones was an icon of Country & Gospel Music. I know he is singing with Vestal in Gods Choir now. Just goes to show us that God can change ones life when he will let Him. George Jones will be missed and is loved by anyone who ever listened to him sing.

    6 years 1 week ago
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    I give God all the praise and glory to you Lord for Vestal Goodman bringing George Jones to the Lord. The funeral was so anointed with all the music sung by his peers being mostly spiritual. George went through so many hard trials because of temptations and there were people and God who never gave up on him. What a testimony of what God can do in someone's life!!! My husband who is now with the Lord was in the same shape and had an instant transformation. Nothing is impossible with the Lord!!! There was also so much love displayed for George. My pastor has been teaching so much lately on not judging people but praying for them. It's God's job to do the judging. We have some fine examples in the Bible how God forgave and turned their lives into good for His purposes. Thank-you Bill and Gloria for all the people you have given so much unconditional love to!!! You have rewards in heaven!!! He is now with Vestal in the the heavenly choir!

    6 years 2 weeks ago
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    I'm sure Vestal met him at the Pearly Gates and said, "Come on in Honey, I've been waiting for you."

    6 years 3 weeks ago
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    Praying for his family. Such a great voice. He is singing with those who we have lost recently. RIP George

    6 years 3 weeks ago
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    R.I.P. George.You will be greatly missed

    6 years 3 weeks ago