A Season of Gratitude Part I

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November is the perfect time to remember how very good our God is.  Regardless of the journeys we have traveled or challenges we have faced during 2011, this month we are getting back to the basics and we invite all of you friends to do the same!  All month long Gaither.com will be featuring stories from grateful members of the Homecoming family. Each week you will hear from eyewitnesses to the power of a grateful heart, and kicking off this November emphasis is a letter from Bill (below) to express his thanks to all of you out there who have been so incredibly supportive over the years!
If you are going through a time of frustration, disappointment, fear or uncertainty, this is your chance to set your sites on the One who eagerly invites us to cast ALL our cares on Him.  He cares.  He loves.  He forgives.  He heals.  He changes our outlook.  And oh how He loves to experience our gratitude - for His benefit and ours!
We can't wait to hear about all you are grateful for. We hope you will use the Comments area below to express your gratitude to the Father as well! 
A Season of Gratitude Part I - A letter of thanks from Bill Gaither
Dear Friends,

During this month of gratitude, I wanted to write a “thank you” to all of you who have come to our concerts, cheered on our artists, interacted with us here at Gaither.com and brought our music into your home.  Gloria and I do not take lightly the fact that you have made this music a part of your life.  We receive so many incredible letters from you about how you are growing spiritually and experiencing grace, and nothing thrills us more!  

In the beginning, we would sing to small rooms at local churches and community events, and we were grateful for every single person filling a seat.  But the truth is, now we are even more grateful for each of you because you’ve heard every song, time and time again in many cases, and you’re STILL here!

At this stage of our lives, we want you to know how very thankful we are for you.  We are thankful that you have looked beyond our imperfections, you’ve been gracious about necessary changes that come with growth, you keep coming out and supporting our live events and your letters continue to encourage us to keep creating and making music that honors our Creator.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!




  1. mumydee@att.net's picture

    Dear Bill & Gloria. I have listened to and purchased Gaither music, for most of my life. I am so inspired by the lyrics, lyrics that clearly come straight from the heart of God. I admit I am partial to the Vocal Band, in what ever form it appears. Every voice that is added to the Vocal Band brings more glory to the songs. What a blessing it has been for me to have your glorious music to listen to. I am grateful for you both, and all of your homecoming friends. Bill, you said in your letter of gratitude, that we’ve heard every song, time and time again in many cases, and we’re STILL here! You obviously don't understand the power of what you do for people. May I just add also, that I love to hear you sing, Bill. Please sing more. I just want to thank you and Gloria for helping me through your inspirational music. Sincerely,
    Catherine Anthony - Illinois

    7 years 27 weeks ago
  2. gmaanneliese's picture

    I am grateful that our God makes beautiful things out of ashes. In a very recent season of my life, I had my teenage daughter become pregnant, my house went up for a short sale and I went two years without a significant job. And while I can not say that all is rosey. I can say that Jesus has comforted me in my times of sorrow and has brought me joy when I thought there could be no joy.
    That joy came in an unexpected way on many occassions. Over my radio and on my computer through the ministry, podcasts and video clips of Mark Lowry. Many a day I came home to my empty little home after working ten hour days and would put a video clip of Mark on my pc. Over and over again he made me laugh. Laugh at myself, laugh at life. Sometimes the homecoming radio banter was what God used to lift my spirits. But always it was Jesus speaking words of hope into my life.
    Funny thing is my perspective has changed. I no longer hope for the days when I can own my own home again or know the financial freedom I knew in good times. Now I long for deeper relationships and a more meaningful testimoy to those around me.

    7 years 27 weeks ago
  3. danabrown4@yahoo.com's picture

    I am thankful for the Lords presence in my life. He has been there through the good times and through the storms. I especially thank him for touching the hearts of people like Bill and Gloria Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band. Their music has blessed my life more than I can say! Thank you Bill and Gloria and the Gaither Vocal Band. God Bless!!

    7 years 28 weeks ago
  4. Luciene Ambauedn's picture
    Luciene Ambauedn:

    I am grateful for the constant presence of the Lord in my life.
    And especially in this time I have heard the music and seen the videos of you guys.
    God has given much to my heart and my soul.
    It's amazing how God can bring food into the distance.
    I am grateful !
    Luciene Ambauen

    7 years 29 weeks ago
  5. dean29685@yahoo.com's picture

    I have been a fan of the genre of southern gospel music for all of my adult life but never more than in the last 8 years when I rediscovered the Gaithers
    during a particularly hard patch in the road. The music got me thru what just
    words could not. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and soul.
    Dean Bartlett

    7 years 29 weeks ago