Behind the Scenes at the Nashville Taping 5-11-10

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    Precious Friendship! Sure hope you are still able to visit with one another -- I can just imagine your families together, the kids havin' a great time........

    Marsh, I was so happy to hear your voice open the 2012 Homecoming. I got soooo excited, thinking you were there too.

    Anyway, what are you doin' now? Sure love you two and feed on the love you radiate. You're sure the tops!!! And your love for one another is such a wonderful picture of God's love. I play a couple of your vids just before I mosey off to bed, so I get to see you every night. Thank you!

    Love and continued blessings on You and Yours,
    Gramma Ouida (wee' da)

    7 years 6 weeks ago