Mark Lowry - Houston Interview

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Mark Lowry - Houston Interview

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  1. Rita Harken's picture
    Rita Harken:

    Love ya so much Mark!! Glad you are on the path of recovery from pain and off the narcotics now. You are in my prayers. I have watched all your albums and most the Gaither videos. Thank you for your ministry of song!!
    Sincerely, Rita in Arizona

    5 years 39 weeks ago
  2.'s picture

    I am glad you are doing better! I hope to see you again. Gina ("the Nazarene") in Wichita.

    6 years 27 weeks ago
  3. jsb1164's picture

    Mark, You amaze me. I am 21 days post op from back fusion surgery and still having a hard time getting around and on oxy drugs which i really dont want to be on at all. You encourge me that I will be able to keep going forward. My short term disability company decided that at 21 days I should be healed, never mind my doctor telling them that it would be a miniun of 12 weeks. apparently that made no difference. I just wanted to you to know that you encourage me. I am going to work on Monday the 18th and asking God to stay by my side to hold me up when I cannot walk alone. again thank you and sorry for your accident. Hope you continue to get better.

    Jennifer Burch
    Hayesville , NC.

    6 years 34 weeks ago
  4.'s picture

    I am so glad to see you are doing better. We all have been praying for you to get back on your feet soon.Mark,You can't keep a good man down. My prayers are with you.

    6 years 35 weeks ago