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March 18, 2013

GaitherTV Launch Announcement

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The Gaither offices have received countless letters and calls from people who can’t find Homecoming television programs through their local, cable or satellite TV stations.

Now… problem solved! Gaither Television Productions is thrilled to announce the launch of GaitherTV, a brand new Internet TV station that makes Homecoming programs accessible to anyone with an Internet connection via

Watch this brief video of Bill Gaither talking about this exciting new day in the life of the Homecoming family (keep reading below for more details) and make sure you visit soon!


GaitherTV allows anyone with Internet access to subscribe to our huge inventory of Homecoming TV programs to watch at any time using a computer, smart phone, tablet, or Internet TV through devices such as Roku or Google TV.

In addition to the massive collection of television programs offered to GaitherTV subscribers, GaitherTV also features five full-length Homecoming videos each month, chosen personally by Bill Gaither, as well as exclusive concert footage, interviews, video singles and special presentations available only to GaitherTV subscribers. And, for those who just want to listen to music, GaitherTV will offer a radio option, which features non-stop streaming music from the Homecoming family and our Gaither Music Group artists.

How does GaitherTV work?


From your laptop, smart phone, or tablet, access GaitherTV by simply typing into the browser and follow a few simple steps to subscribe. Then, you can watch any and all of GaitherTV’s Homecoming specials within minutes.

If you have Google TV or Roku, find GaitherTV by searching your menu for GaitherTV and, when you find it, click the GaitherTV icon to choose from a huge inventory of programs.  GaitherTV will walk you through the simple steps so you can start watching Homecoming programs within minutes.   Then, all you have to do is decide what to watch first!  

As you are watching programs on GaitherTV, you can pause, rewind, fast-forward or repeat at any time!  Unlike traditional television, Internet television is a flexible and cost-effective way to watch the programs you want to watch at your convenience!  You no longer have to wait for your favorite program to come on!  You can play anytime you want to.

If you do not yet have Roku, it is a wonderful device you can purchase online or at your local electronics store (such as Best Buy) which offers an inexpensive alternative (or addition) to monthly cable or satellite subscription. The device connects directly to a TV and displays content from video streaming websites like GaitherTV.  

Similarly, you can access GaitherTV through Google TV if you have a buddy box (which is very similar to a Roku device).  It comes with simple set-up instructions for getting started and subscribing to the programs you want.  

A monthly subscription to GaitherTV is very cost-effective – only $4.99 (and for limited time receive a 7-Day FREE Trial) – and it allows unprecedented access to inspiring Homecoming programming whenever and wherever you want to watch.

To visit GaitherTV now, go to!

Got questions?  No problem! There is an area on GaitherTV that provides answers to frequently asked questions.  Click ‘FAQ’ and see answers to many common questions!

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