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Lynda Randle

Fulfilling her calling as an artist with non-stop energy, Lynda’s music and message have proven cross-cultural and cross-generational. She authored a book of testimonies entitled God On The Mountain that reveals the many lives that have been moved by the song.

In addition to her calling to minister through music, Lynda also enjoys her calling as a wife to Mike, and mom to 2 precious daughters, Patience and Joy, stating simply, “I am so blessed.”

“For years now, my sister Lynda has truly been the inspiration for my occupation. The first song I ever sang in public was at one of her concerts. I can honestly say that I would have never dawned the stage if it had not been for her example. I love her very much and highly recommend that you check out the vocals that this lady packs! She is truly a landmark singer of our time.”

Michael Tait, DC Talk

“Lynda Randle is one of the most talented and committed servants of Christ that I know. Her testimony and lifestyle coupled with the melodious voice that God has given her combines to provide solid Christian encouragement and ministry to those who are privileged to hear her. It is with the highest degree of confidence that I commend the music ministry of Lynda. She is one of God’s choicest servants. She does more than sing, she inspires.”

Dr. Tony Evans

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