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December 5, 2013 Interview with The Booth Brothers

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2013 has been a pretty great year for the Booth Brothers (which also means a pretty busy year), so we are grateful we got a chance to catch up with them for a brief Q & A!  This year the Booth Brothers released a new recording with Gaither Music, A Tribute to the Songs of Bill and Gloria Gaither, and a Best of the Booth Brothers DVD and CD.  But there are a few things you still may not know about them yet!  So enjoy this exclusive and read to the end to learn what their personal hopes are for 2014.

( Before you met Bill and Gloria and started working with them through the Homecoming series and, most recently, with your ‘Best of” DVD, what was the biggest surprise about what they are really like compared to what you thought they would be like?

(Ronnie) Their warmth and thoughtfulness.

(Jim) I really can’t remember when I first heard of Bill & Gloria, their music has always been a part of my life and, because of that, they seemed larger than life. As I’ve gotten to know them, it’s been surprising to see how they embrace simplicity as a way of life. I’ve also been blessed by their generosity of spirit, as they’ve taken time to encourage younger artists, and I admire how they choose family amidst their extremely busy schedule.  

(Michael) I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistency of Bill and Gloria in their demonstration of love. When they write words such as “Loving God, Loving Each Other,” one wonders to what degree a person will [live out] such a lyric. It seems their life’s work can be summed up in that song title and verified by their actions. They treat people as individuals. They are teachers who recognize what motivates one may not work for another. I have seen them extend grace further than any other persons I have known. It is a beautiful thing to witness people such as Bill and Gloria who will consistently exhaust themselves with hope that Christ can fix a broken soul.

( Michael and Ronnie, you guys grew up singing together with your dad. With that kind of history together, how did you ever find a “brother from another mother” like Jim Brady to complete this trio?

(Ronnie) Only one explanation…the Lord!

(Michael) We worked with Jim several times while he was singing with his wife and father-in-law in a group called The Shulers. They were a fantastic team and we always admired Jim’s voice and personality.

(Ronnie)  Michael and I said, “That is a voice that we could blend with.”

(Michael)  Jim’s first performance with us was in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena with the Homecoming tour. On-stage that night was when Bill and Jim met for the first time in front of thousands of people.



When your passion is making music, being a traveling artist is obviously your dream job.  But if you weren’t singing for a living, what do you think you would be doing?

(Jim) Even without the opportunity to travel & sing, I’d still have to write songs. I also love studio work & actually have a vocal studio in my home. I love dabbling in recording, engineering & editing. My dream would be to have a full-blown studio some day. 

(Michael) I love to present the Gospel. I believe I would look for opportunities for evangelistic work.   

(Ronnie) I would work in real estate.

(Gaither) Are there any moments or decisions in your life for which you would like a “do over?”

(Michael)  There are far too many examples for this question! I think of the times that my mouth was beyond my theology at the moment. I wish I could go back apologize to some churches. I’m grateful for God’s grace and patience.

(Jim) Because my creative outlet goes beyond what I do with the Booth Brothers, I can easily overfill my schedule. The times I’ve been too busy to enjoy life, or live in the moment — those would be my do-overs. 

(Ronnie) Not learning to play the guitar and piano. My parents bought a beautiful baby grand piano when I was twelve years old and I took a few lessons, but never applied myself to practice. I recently started studying the guitar. I just marvel at the talent of Mathew Holt, Kevin Williams Gordon Mote. Those men have worked so hard at their craft and I thoroughly enjoy working with them. My primary regret for not learning is not necessarily for performing  (though that would be great) but for arranging purposes.

(Gaither) When you aren’t traveling, where will we most likely find you?  

(Jim) I spend a lot of my time writing and in the studio, but nothing beats hanging at home with my wife, Melissa.

(Michael) At home! I love to be at home with my wife, Vicki, and my sons Christian, Jonathan, and Austin. The older I get, the more I appreciate the little moments that only quantity time can provide by being together.

(Ronnie) At home with my family.


(Gaither) As you get ready to start a new year, what are your greatest hopes for 2014?  

(Jim) Make every moment count.

(Michael) To keep growing. I love learning new things about God from His Word. I also hope to have greater influence on my children and, if it was possible, to love my wife more and also invest into her goals. I also would like to reach a new level of musical excellence and push beyond what our group has done in the past. I believe God loves quality and I want to give Him something special.

(Ronnie) To be the best husband, father, & grandfather I can be, and continue to sing the glorious Gospel!!







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