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December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013!

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“The LORD is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I hope in Him!”   Lamentations 3:24


Happy New Year!  As we embark on 2013, fresh with possibilities, we hope you are entering this new year hopeful and assured of God’s incredible faithfulness.  We asked the Homecoming artists to share with you some of their hopes and prayers for the New Year so we could pass them along to you.


Mosie Lister said…

At the beginning of every year I remind myself that I do not write for myself; but for the One whom I serve and who gives me the determination to never give up, and I pray that I reach the right person in each sentence.

– Mosie


Woody Wright shares this:

I guess it would be considered humanly normal to look into 2013, leaving a year of tragedy, terror and end of the world talk with a negative outlook.  Seems everyone from the news men to the pulpit have a lot to say about reaping and sowing, or that we are getting what we deserve.  

But in the days after the Holy Day of Christmas, with a new year on it’s heels, I wish we could begin to scratch the surface of the often spoken,seldom understood phrase, “Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men.”  What a powerful statement!  One cannot be achieved without the other and it is the recurring message of Christ to the world.  Somehow, we manage to skip past it, develop our mission statements and theological positions.  

So, if I had a message to family, friends and Homecoming Friends and followers, it would be to try to grasp that statement, and do all we can to make it happen.  To encourage everyone we come into contact with, regardless of Religion, Political Party, Lifestyle, Socio-economic Status or Nationality.
To demonstrate God’s love to all who see us, as St. Francis encouraged us – preaching the Gospel at all times, using words if necessary.

“Sow Mercy, Sow Grace.  Sow Kindness, Sow Faith.”  Wow, Dony and Reba, wish I had written that one!  Lord help us all to sing it loudly, mean it sincerely, and LIVE IT FULLY!

Peace On Earth, Good Will To Men!

May Angels Guard Your Way,

– Woody Wright


Jeff and Sheri Easter said…

We never make difficult, restrictive, out-of-reach resolutions. It feels too much like living under the law and we are grateful for grace.  So, we’ll stick to what we really want to accomplish this year. Our heart is, and always has been, to encourage people who are hurting. We feel like our music is a healer, the words offer hope to a hopeless situation. When we’re down, we search for someone we trust to lift us up…a pastor, an anointed singer, or an inspirational song.  Everyone walks through a valley sometimes and if we’re given the opportunity to offer an encouraging song, then we are truly blessed.

– Jeff and Sheri


Lily Isaacs’s prayer…

I pray that I would know God’s perfect will in my life! I also pray for health and for God’s protection over our family and friends and especially all our precious little children.

My heart is still broken over the senseless shooting of innocent souls that never even had a chance at [a full] life. My hope is that our Christian community would come together in love and take a stand against for what we all believe in.We love and appreciate all our Gaither Homecoming family!! Blessings on you all! We are expecting mighty miracles in 2013!!  

– Lily


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