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December 17, 2013

"Sounds Of Silence" by Emily Sutherland

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In those rare, silent moments – maybe late at night after everyone is settled into bed, or early in the morning before the hum of Christmas busyness begins – there is possibly no music in the world more beautiful than that holiday silence.  Stop and allow the tension in your shoulders to release, breathe deeply and simply listen.  It is amazing how full the silence can be …full of insight, beauty, peace, and often, full of Christmas surprise…full of Him and brimming with the very Reason we celebrate.

Christmas, with all its fanfare, is rich in sensory experiences.  Silence is that one, undemanding, often-overlooked opportunity to hear something not everyone else will take the time to hear.  Silence is a veritable hidden treasure of life-changing moments through which we can process the Story, the music, the beauty, the experiences of Christmas, and let our hearts absorb their significance.

“Hear Him In The Silence ” 
by Emily Sutherland

Hear Him in the Silence
Listen to the joy –
The music of celebration –
The music of contemplation.

Listen first with your ears
Full with the season’s hymns;
Then listen with your heart…
Full with Him.


Excerpt from A Homecoming Christmas book.  Click here to order your copy!



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