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November 26, 2014

This Day Of National Thanksgiving…by Gloria Gaither

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This Day Of National Thanksgiving…

A Book Of Simple Prayers
by Gloria Gaither

This day of national Thanksgiving

I have personal gratitude to bring to You,

For treasures on a very personal level:

For the fire in the kitchen hearth this man I love

kept burning through the night;

For the hodge-podge of wonderful objects –

furniture, pictures, and child-art wall hangings –

that make up this home’s cache of memories;

The tables set by our sweet daughters

and the ghosts we see of those

who have sat in these same chairs over the years,

talking, laughing, crying, pouting, praying; 

For the bubbles I feel in my stomach

just knowing that any moment children will burst through the door

and run to throw their arms around my legs,

children full of excitement for this happy day;

For the memory of those so dear who were once so much a part of this day –

now thankful to be around Your big table,

For the pain You’ve brought us through,

that distilled into victory, making this and every moment sweeter

like the sap of a tree, bled into a silver pail,

then boiled around the clock

to make the golden nectar we call maple syrup.  

Each drop is a big price – yet so sweet.

For Your presence, Lord,

that is the fire to distill,

the breeze to cool;

the storm to bend us low,

the sunshine to draw us upward.

No wonder our forefathers took such risks

            and even died for the promise of a soil on which they could kneel in repentance

and a clear space into which they could freely speak their gratitude

and worship to You.


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